Thursday, August 12, 2010

Burnt Pot Pie... and other stuff

So I'm home, and everyone else is out camping at our Grandy's property. I'm going out tomorrow night but I needed to get some stuff done tonight. Therefore this will be short...

I was pretty proud of myself, since I got out a pot pie and "made" it (put it in the oven) instead of just eating lunch meat out of the fridge like I tend to do when no one's around to make real meals. But I burnt it. Fail.

In other news, yesterday was Susannah's birthday. She's 17 which is crazy... But I'm happy she was born. She's pretty rad. And this picture is awesome.

Yesterday I had coffee again after 10 days without caffeine, and it was amazing. I was really wired, and was basically a programming genius at work (or almost...) and solved a bunch of stuff I've been working on. Here is picture of me and my Americano (I'm sure you wanted to see this...).

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