Saturday, September 18, 2010

Portland... and my Job.

Over the last couple months I've taken some pictures on my cell phone around Portland, and at my job... which is no longer my job as of today.

Hawthorne Bridge. I walk across here every morning.

These signs are posted on both ends of the bridge. Maybe the daffodil helps?

Hawthorne in the evening.
Wells Fargo Center: Tallest building in Portland at 546 ft. Not very impressive...

Second Tallest Bulding: US Bancorp Tower or "Big Pink"
Pioneer Courthouse Square: A good place to see strange people...
If I ever become a homeless bum... this is what I'd do. Some of these guys are pretty cool.
A park near my office. I was once accosted by a police officer in this park.... 
A crane. Cranes are awesome.
This is my office building: World Trade Center Building 3.
This is my desk. Exciting....... but it I do have a cool desktop picture. And big screens.
Even bigger screens. These monitors display software system I've worked on developing.
Skybridge between the WTC buildings. On the way to Starbucks...
A warehouse roof with solar panel installation.
We installed a weather monitoring station on the same roof.

Downtown Chipotle.
And finally... Scott looking inordinately excited about his cup of water.


Polka Dot said...

Awesome pics. :-)

Amanda Evans said...

Are you kidding? He's excited about you taking his picture. He knows you'll put it on your blog which basically means he's famous.

Miss Pickwickian said...

Love the pics. The daffodil is certainly very uplifting.

We can't visit you at work in Portland any more. Cwy!
But I'm sure your new job will be awesome.

Johanna said...

I'm curious as to why the police officer accosted you...
Were you looking suspicious?

Ben said...

Well it was dark and I had my phone out, and he thought it was a flame... which is illegal to have there because it's Federal property (It's across from the Federal Building). And he wanted to know if I had any weapons and stuff... he wasn't very nice.